Promote a healthier community.

Start by helping mothers in need with healthier pregnancies and healthier babies.

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39% of South Dakota children live in low income families.

The Teddy Bear Den inspires economically disadvantaged pregnant women in the Sioux Falls Community to seek early and regular prenatal care. Our entire program is geared toward limited income pregnant women, pregnant immigrant women, and pregnant teens as they are least likely to receive adequate care during pregnancy. We provide incentives and rewards to limited income women in exchange for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our approach has helped over 31,000 pregnant women.

0 disadvantaged pregnant women helped in Sioux Falls since 1996
0 partnering healthcare providers, clinics, social service agencies, schools & treatment centers
0 low income women currently enrolled in our program


The Teddy Bear Den is a unique program. In Sioux Falls, there are no other incentive programs that help limited income pregnant women.

Our Mission is to promote healthier pregnancies, healthier babies, and a healthier community.

Our incentive program provides referrals, education, and essential items to pregnant women, teens, new parents, and their families. We encourage local low income pregnant women to put themselves and the health of their children at the top of the list.

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