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13th and Main, Sioux Falls, SD

Den Hours: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday


Board of Directors


Lynn Boettcher-Fjellanger

Michelle Bruns

Sarah Cady

Carrie Dragt

Linda Erickson

Darlene George

Paul Goldammer

Anthony Hohn

Marlys Lawrence

Jennie Mayer

Marissa Miller

Alison Sahly

Cathie Sather

Pat Starr

Ashley Stoker

Kimberley Thune

Melanie Trites

Lisa VanGerpen

Executive Director

Sandy Lown

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What We Do

The Teddy Bear Den has been instrumental in establishing a program that encourages local low income pregnant women to put themselves and the health of their children at the top of their list. Our mission is to promote healthier pregnancies, healthier babies and healthier families.  The Den promotes family bonding and offers incentive items, resources and referrals to community services; this is a key opportunity to educate mothers about health matters related to themselves, their babies and their families. 

The Den has seven main objectives to carry out our project and mission.

1. Promote early and regular prenatal care. 

2. Ensure that babies and toddlers receive proper well baby care and immunizations.

3. Advocate educational programs relating to parenting, nutrition, health and personal living skills to improve parenting skills and birth outcomes. 

4. Decrease the number of babies born with preventable birth defects, including fetal alcohol syndrome and low birth weight.

5. Increase the number of area women making healthy lifestyle choices such as not smoking, drinking or using drugs.

6. Support new mothers and families at a time when support is critical to their families and babies. 

7. Offer special incentives for women choosing to give their children up for adoption to encourage them to also seek a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their child.


Welcome to The Teddy Bear Den


The Teddy Bear Den is an incentive and education program for limited income pregnant women and their children. The Teddy Bear Den participants earn credits for healthy living and exchange them for necessary baby care items such as diapers, clothing and high chairs. This important service for mothers and babies is supported by many generous organizations and individuals within our community.