Sandy Lown

Executive Director

Passionate, caring and committed are just a few words to describe our Executive Director Sandy Lown. Just spend a few minutes with her and you’ll quickly realize the enthusiasm she has for serving the young women and babies living in the Sioux Falls area. Her 23 years of experience and leadership have been the driving force behind the success of the Teddy Bear Den.

Notable Volunteers

Jolene Groen

16 years as a volunteer
Board member 2001-2003

I became involved as a board member and volunteer many years ago. I believe in providing young women who may be struggling with and opportunity to empower them with the tools to have a healthy pregnancy and provide for their children. The Teddy Bear Den provides exactly that! I love watching women who are so proud of their children come into the Den and find amazing items for their child that they have worked hard to earn.

Mary Lais

8 years as a volunteer

Every child is a gift from God. I love being a part of a program to teach and encourage ALL moms to have a healthy pregnancy which means a healthy and normal baby. It is so much fun to watch them use their points to purchase all of the items all moms and babies want and need.

Linda Kelly Volunteer

Linda Kelly

8 months as a volunteer

Volunteering at the Teddy Bear Den brings me joy and inspiration from the mothers and new friends from the other volunteers!

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