Item Drive


Since June of 1996 the Teddy Bear Den has inspired over 25,500 economically disadvantaged pregnant women in the Sioux Falls community to seek early and regular prenatal care. Our entire program is geared toward the low-income pregnant women, pregnant immigrant women and pregnant teens as they are least likely to receive adequate care during pregnancy.

The Teddy Bear Den is a unique program in the city of Sioux Falls; there are no other programs that provide incentives or rewards to limited income pregnant women in exchange for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the most unique features of the Den is the 285 health care providers, clinics, social service agencies, schools and treatment centers that collaborate to make referrals, stamp participant point books, and help to verify that our participants are maintaining a healthy lifestyle during their pregnancy. The Teddy Bear Den is an incentive and education based program for the limited income pregnant women in our community. We provide referrals, education and incentives to pregnant women, teens, new parents and their families.

Our mission is to promote healthier pregnancies, healthier babies, and a healthier community.


The Den is very appreciative of the community’s generosity. We ask that you continue to help by donating funds for items used by the women enrolled in our program. Below are average costs associated with items we need for our mothers in need.

High Chair $40
Single Stroller $50
Umbrella Stroller $20
Double Stroller $140
Diapers (per box) $25
Crib & mattress $150
Clothing $15
Boppy Pillow $40


Donate easily below by filling out how much you’d like to donate and clicking the ‘Donate’ button. You can also select where you’d like your donations to go. We use PayPal to assure for safe and secure online donations.