Bikes, oh Bikes!

It was perfect day at the Den as we hand out another Premier Bankcard bike to a happy 3 year old!


Premier Bankcard

After a team building project, Premier Bankcard turns around and donates six new bikes to the Den! That made shopping at the Den today extra special for our participants, thank you Premier Bankcard for all you do in Sioux Falls!



A family stopped in today with three day old Anthony. His 2nd grade sister was SO proud she couldn’t wait to see Anthony’s picture! It was wonderful to have a 2nd grader be our translator too, she was a smart one!


Six Days Old!

Six days old and Kamron came in to share his time with us while his mom spends her points. He is beautiful!


We Love Healthy Babies!

He is so proud of his 10 day old brother, look at ALL of the baby’s hair! We love healthy babies at the Den!