Operation Pay Back!

Tom and Christy, KELO FM 92.5, made it their New Year’s Resolution to give back to our community one hour each week in 2012. ┬áMany different non-profits in Sioux Falls have benefited from their Operation Pay Back and the Den was lucky enough to make Week 26.

Thank you Tom and Christy for joining our mission!


Wonderful Weather!

After the wonderful weather this weekend, we are sure the strollers will be in high demand.  Thanks to everyone in the community who support the Teddy Bear Den and allow our participants to enjoy getting outside with their little one(s)!

Community Service

University of Nebraska Lincoln students travel to Sioux Falls for community service hours! Thank you for choosing to serve our 1100 participants on that chilly Saturday!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Teddy Bear Den!!  

2011 was a great year and thanks to our community’s support, we were able to serve over 525 people!  We look forward to another successful year and look forward to serving and assisting more mothers, children, and families!   Thank you to our volunteers, board of directors, and staff that continue to keep us running year after year!!   We hope to see you at our 2012 Celebrity Night Out on January 20th!