Stogeez Overhead View

Thank you Chris Reistroffer of Reistroffer Design for sharing this wonderful overhead shot of the Stogeez Steak out with us! What an amazing photo!

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Feeding South Dakota

Feeding South Dakota does wonderful things to meet the needs in this community! Thank you for sharing diapers with the Teddy Bear Den, we are grateful and so are our participants!


National Volunteer Month

Did you know that 65 million people in the United States volunteer?  April is Volunteer Appreciation Month.  Thank you to our volunteers at the Teddy Bear Den who faithfully serve our participants!  If you know someone who you think would be interested in volunteering at the Teddy Bear Den, please talk with them about becoming involved.  In fact, almost half of all people who volunteer do so because they were asked by someone already involved in a volunteer organization.  Let others know why you volunteer at the Teddy Bear Den!

National Volunteer Week