Shopping for the Teddy Bear Den

We thought we would take this opportunity to offer you a sneak peak into the Teddy Bear Den. Did you know, twice a month, volunteers shop for incentive items?

Usually, we start off in the morning, heading to our local store. We search for diapers and high chairs and monitors, and a number of different items that clients may wish to obtain.

Once we’ve stuffed our six or seven shopping carts and checked out, we load the contents into our cars and head down to the Teddy Bear Den, where we will stock the shelves.

Shoppers often ask if we’re shopping for twins! Which provides and excellent opportunity to inform them of what exactly the Teddy Bear Den is all about.

As you may already know, participants collect points from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, visiting their physicians and keeping their appointments. Then, when they visit the store they can select from the items, using the points they’ve earned.

If you have a chance, you should stop by to see what the volunteers have been doing to make sure the participants have lots to choose from when spending their points!


  Teddy Bear Den
  April 5, 2011