Elementary schools support Teddy Bear Den

Two Sioux Falls elementary schools are supporting the Teddy Bear Den during Lenten service projects.

St. Lambert’s Elementary School is hosting a Lenten Baby Drive for the Den. Every morning, teddy bear songs are played on the school’s intercom system, and the children come with donated items. To date, students and others at St. Lambert’s have filled one and a half playpens with baby items and an extra large baby bottle with change, which will be used to purchase additional incentive items. The drive ends Thursday, April 28, and the Student Council and Principal Barbara Lockwood will deliver their donations to the Den!

St. Mary’s Elementary School also chose the Teddy Bear Den for the school’s Lent service project. The project began with the 2nd grade Brownie Girl Scout troop and grew so big that the entire school has jumped on board! This project ends April 21, and the Brownies are making the big delivery in May, and a tour of the Den will be included.

Thanks to these amazing elementary school students for supporting the Teddy Bear Den!

  Teddy Bear Den
  April 19, 2011